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    Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area Fishing Ponds, NV

    We're still working on getting all of this information logged and in order. Please bare with us for a while longer.

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    Mason Valley Ponds
    Lyon County

    Fishing Report from NDOW - February 15
    Pat Sollberger Western Region biologist reports Hinkson Slough had a good number of larger trout that survived last summer, which may offer anglers with better than usual angling for the slough. Some larger trout survived last year in N. Pond, too. Largemouth bass are plentiful and may be 8-10 inches this spring - although they cannot be harvested, it should provide good fishing this year.

    The fish series ponds include Hinkson Slough, Bass Pond, Crappie Pond and North Pond. The size of the ponds are 15 acres for Crappie Pond, 26 acres for Hinkson Slough, 40 acres for Bass Pond and 200 acres for North Pond. The average depth for most of the ponds is 3 to 4 feet, although North Pond is 13 feet deep off the main dike. Management emphasis is toward trophy, quality largemouth bass angling, trophy trout angling, and put-and-take trout angling in North Pond. Largemouth bass are the primary target for anglers, but trout are stocked into and captured out of North Pond and Hinkson Slough. Trout species include bowcutt (rainbow trout x cutthroat trout hybrid), rainbow trout and brown trout. Channel catfish and bluegill are also present, but provide little input to the creel. For Hinkson Slough in 2003, anglers averaged 1.86 fish per hour and 5.27 fish per angler. The catch consisted of 232 rainbow trout (average length 13.48 inches) and 3 largemouth bass. At North Pond, anglers averaged 0.50 fish per hour on largemouth bass. Early spring is the best time to catch trout, while late spring and summer is the best time to capture largemouth bass. Trophy Book entries include a 7-pound, 6-ounce largemouth bass, an 18-pound channel catfish, a 1-pound, 5- ounce bluegill and a 5-pound, 5-ounce rainbow trout.

    The fishing series ponds are open from the second Saturday in February to September 30. A minimum size of 14 inches is required for all largemouth bass, with a possession limit of 2 fish. Limit on trout is 5 per day and in possession. Limit on trout in Hinkson Slough is 2 with a minimum size of 16 inches, artificial lures only. Limit on other warmwater fish (catfish, bluegill, crappie, etc.) is 15 fish per day and in possession.

    Boating Regulations
    Small boats are allowed on all fishing ponds during the fishing season and must be operated at a speed that leaves a flat wake and may not exceed 5 mph.

    Fish Species

    • Rainbow Trout
    • Brown Trout
    • Largemouth Bass
    • Bluegill Sunfish
    • Catfish
    • Crappie

    Primitive camping is only allowed at one location on the management area (Sandridge Campground). There are both trash and bathroom facilities.

    Advice and Tips
    If you are not fishing from a small boat, be sure to bring a float to avoid large tangles in some of the higher weeded ponds.

    Bring bug spray and lots of it if you plan to fish the ponds during the summer months. It is hot and humid.

    Getting Here
    FROM RENO — Travel on Interstate 80 to the Fernley exit and then travel southeast on ALT 95 being sure to stop by and visit the Fort Churchill Park before traveling on to the main Mason Valley entrance located on Miller Lane. Follow the signs to the pond entrance.

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